Rajasthan UNIRAJ Elections 2018 | Raj University Union Results Status

Rajasthan UNIRAJ Elections 2018

In the month of August, officials of the dean student’s welfare & international students advisor University of Rajasthan released the date of RUSU Election dates 2018 which is today, that is 31st August 2018. The student union polls throughout Rajasthan would be held on 31st August. Rajasthan UNIRAJ Elections 2018 happened in two phases and first one happened on 23rd August under the guidance of the Student Union Election Programme. RUSU UNIRAJ Results 2018 will be released. The counting of votes will happen on 11th September 2018 AT 11:00 AM.

Rajasthan UNIRAJ Elections 2018

 RUSU Elections 2018

UNIRAJ RUSU Elections 2018 happened on nine polling location. PG School of Commerce, PG School of Humanities, PG of Social Science, Centre for Computer Science and Information Technology, PG School of Commerce, PG School of Humanities, PG of Social Science, Centre for Computer Science and Information Technology. The principal will be responsible to ensure that the election goes as smooth as possible. Further, the higher education minister Kiran Maheshwari has instructed the administration of all the universities and colleges to comply with the Lyngdoh Committee recommendations which it laid during the Student body elections.

Rajasthan University Students Union election

The authorized persons will be there to collect and retain the election material (custody of ballot papers, election-related material) and further ensure to deliver it to the concerned person. In the campus, RUSU Elections 2018 booth is present to ensure elections goes smoothly as much as possible. The final polling will be held at PG School of Humanities in room no. 112 with research scholars representative for UNIRAJ Election 2018 in front.

It is important to understand how the individual vote will be counted. The number of booths at each polling station has already been finalized along with their respective code. All the invalid votes such as cross-sell which representatives will come across will be discarded and will be counted as invalid. Lastly, the RUSU Ballot Boxes will be handed over to the DSW office. During the polling and counting session going on to count the number of votes in UNIRAJ Election 2018, no candidate will be allowed to keep a mobile phone.

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